Usually a broker has to schedule a showing time a few days out. Alwashow’s Controlled Showing feature allows you to eliminate any delay in the showing process once you have a qualified home buyer.

Show Properties Anytime

Prospective home buyers usually call to ask two things - questions about the property for sale and scheduling appointments to see it. Answering questions over the phone works great, but showing the property immediately isn’t always possible. Plus, you don’t have time to show every potential buyer your properties at the same time.

Alwashow’s Controlled Self Service Showing feature is designed to address this problem. Instead of scheduling appointments, your time answering the phone will be spent vetting buyers and providing controlled self service showing access.

Our statistics show home buyers usually look at properties after work or on weekends. This is why we created the Automated Self Service Showing feature.

Automatic Self Service Showings

In the event you are not able to pick up calls or show immediately, a prospective home buyer will be guided through an automated self service showing. They can view the property before they speak with you. By the time you talk to the buyer, you know they are serious and have already viewed the property.

This way you never lose a buyer and are generating valuable new home buyer leads everyday.

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